Female Condom

Barrier Methods of Birth Control

How does it work?

  • Polyurethane sheath that contains two rings
  • One ring is inserted into the top of the vagina and the other ring sits outside the opening of the vagina to fit the shape of the vagina
  • Penis then goes inside the female condom during sex


  • 79-95% effective
  • Available from a variety of locations such as pharmacies, grocery stores
  • No need to see a doctor or health care provider
  • Offers some protection against STIs, HIV and pregnancy
  • Non-latex so may be used by people who have latex allergies


  • Need to have a condom with you so some planning is required
  • User must feel comfortable inserting the condom into the vagina
  • Need to insert female condom correctly before any sexual contact takes place
  • Must be cautious that the penis goes into the condom, not beside the condom during intercourse
  • May make noise during intercourse