Other Methods of Birth Control

Female sterilization (also called a tubal ligation):

  • Both of the tubes where an egg would become fertilized by the sperm (fallopian tubes) are closed, either cut, tied or clipped
    Male sterilization (also called a vasectomy):
  • Tubes that carry the sperm (vas deferens) are closed, either cut, tied or clipped
  • Will not interfere with sexual desire, performance or enjoyment of sex


  • 99.5-99.9% effective
  • Long-term method of birth control (considered permanent)
  • A good choice if a man or a woman is sure that they do not want to have any (more) children
  • Surgical procedure performed in doctor’s office (male) or hospital under local or general anesthesia (female)


  • Some minor risks associated with surgery include pain, bleeding, infection and complications with anaesthetic
  • No protection against STIs, including HIV
  • Very difficult and expensive to reverse the procedure and often it is not successful