Booze and Other Drugs

There are a lot of booze and other drugs out there.  Some of you are going to choose to use alcohol and drugs, and some of you aren’t.  If you are going to be using them, it’s important to arm yourself with the facts.  Knowing all the info about what you’re choosing to do helps you have some control over what happens to you.

Bad things don’t happen every time you use alcohol and drugs, but the risks are there.  When you are drunk or high you may make decisions that you wouldn’t make if you were saying things you might regret to friends, getting into fights, or having sex. 

Besides the way booze and drugs impact decisions, there are lots of other dangers, too.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Overdosing – it’s not just with drugs
Alcohol poisoning is what happens when someone overdoses on booze.  Alcohol is a drug – a depressant – it slows the body and the brain down.  When someone has alcohol poisoning their brain slows down so much that it can “forget” to keep the body breathing and the heart beating.  A person can die.

Do you know what you’re getting?
A lot of times – especially with drugs like E (ecstasy) - you may think you’re getting one kind of drug when really it’s something else.  The dealer might not even know what they’re selling.  You can find yourself on a trip way different, longer, or scarier than you expect.

1+1≠ 2
Mixing drugs does not always give you the high you’d expect.  Drugs work in our bodies in a lot of different ways.  They will speed up some parts, slow down others, or sometimes change the way our brain communicates.  When people take two different drugs at the same time, each drug can change the way the other drug works in the body.  Alcohol can really change how different medications work, making it so they don’t work any more, or the medication and alcohol can work together to create an overdose.

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