Not Ready?

The Healthy Sexuality Resource for Nova Scotia Youth published by the Government of Nova Scotia lists "Good Reasons Not to Have Sex." You may find the reasons helpful. They certainly make you think.

  1. Because you're lonely
  2. Because you're drunk
  3. Because you're high
  4. Because someone else wants you to
  5. Because you think you owe it to some one
  6. Because you think someone owes it to you
  7. Because you think everyone else is doing it
  8. Because you want to fit in or feel popular
  9. Because you want to prove you are grown up – to yourself, your friends or your parents
  10. Because you see people having sex in videos and movies and think you should too
  11. Because you think that having sex will make the other person love you
  12. Because you think having a baby will be fun and you'll have a baby to love you
  13. Because you want to prove that you're "straight"
  14. Because you're afraid to say no
  15. Because you think that having a baby will make your boyfriend of girlfriend stay with you
  16. Because someone gives you gifts or money
  17. Because someone makes a promise that they'll do something if you have sex with them
  18. Because you want to hurt someone else or pay them back