How to check

If you have been having sex and your period is 5-7 days late you might be pregnant. Missing your period is the most common reason to think you might be pregnant. In that case you may want to take a home pregnancy test or visit your health centre to get a test. If you are pregnant you need to see a doctor or other health professional in your community as soon as possible. Home pregnancy test kits are sold in all drug stores and sometimes in other stores. If used correctly, home pregnancy tests are highly accurate but, if used too soon after missing a period, may give you an incorrect result.  Even though a missed period is a common sign of pregnancy, it is possible to have missed a period due to diet, exercise or stress. Diet, excessive exercise and stress may all cause a woman to miss her period. In addition, certain birth control methods can also reduce or stop menstrual bleeding. Some women, particularly younger women, may have irregular menstrual cycles, making it very difficult to predict when her period is due. For more information about knowing if you are pregnant, click on the link below.

Who to talk to

If you had not planned to become pregnant you need to talk to your partner and others who are important to you like your parents. An unplanned pregnancy affects more than the woman who is pregnant. You can get information and help from a health care provider - a doctor, nurse practitioner, midwife or health centre nurse. You may also want to talk with others who you go to for advice - an Elder, a relative, a counsellor, a priest or minister. You will soon need to make some important decisions. Do you intend to have the baby and raise it, have the baby and allow the baby to be adopted or do you intend to medically end the pregnancy? If a femaile becomes pregnant the malecan support her in a number of ways:

  • Listening to her and talking with her about how she feels and how he feels
  • Offering to go with her to appointments
  • Supporting your partner in what she decides to do
  • Getting some help for yourself if you need it
  • Getting more information about pregnancy and the choices that your partner will need to make


You will need to make choices about what will be best for you early in the pregnancy. These choices are very personal and it is the woman's right to make the responsible and legal choice that she believes is best for her. If you are pregnant you have three legal options to think about - parenting, adoption or abortion. There are many resources on the Internet to help you with information (visit for more information on abortion services in the Yukon). 

Healthy Pregnancy

Both you and your baby will be healthier if you make some decisions right at the beginning of your pregnancy about what you will do, what you will eat and what you won't do - like drinking alcohol, smoking or taking recreational drugs Having a healthy pregnancy is a big subject and there is lots to learn. You will want to talk with trusted family members and your health care provider.  Expecting parents in Yukon can download the YukonBaby app or visit  to learn more about local resources and tools to help during pregnancy.  

Teen Parent Centre

This program is for all pregnant and parenting young people.

You can find more information on the Teen Parent Centre in the following resources.

The Teen Parent Centre is operated cooperatively by the Yukon Departments of Education and Health and Social Services, F.H. Collins Secondary School and the Teen Parent Access to Education Society (a non-profit, independent organization).