Stress and Mental Health

Stress is a fact of life but “it doesn’t need to be a way of life (Dr. Selye, the Father of stress theory).  Stress can be caused by many things including school, relationships, or work. There are lots of ways to help you deal with stress in your life.  Eating right, getting enough exercise, being with friends and family all help us deal with stress in healthy ways. 

Common warning signs of stress:

  • Physical signs – muscle tension, tiredness, headache
  • Mental – difficulty concentrating, trouble making decisions, loss of sense of humour
  • Emotional – nervousness, anxiety, frustrated, impatient/short tempered
  • Behavioural – fidgeting, nail biting, pacing, compulsive eating, excessive drinking or smoking

Being aware of your stress signs is the first step to helping yourself reduce your stress level.

For more information on coping with stress click on:

Sometimes however, these feelings don’t leave.  When this happens, it can affect our lives – our schoolwork, family, friendships, and relationships.  When we feel this way we may not enjoy things we used to – like sports, video games and hanging out with friends. Consider talking with a school counsellor, family doctor, or wellness worker about how you feel.

If you or one of your friends have been feeling stressed, depressed, angry or are hearing strange noises or seeing things that are not there, you need to reach out and get help. The sooner you get help, the better. In the Yukon there is a number of places you can call or ask for help:

  • Yukon Mental Health Services: (867) 667-8346 or toll free within Yukon, 1-800-661-0408, local 8346.
  • Community Health Centre
  • Whitehorse General Hospital 867-393-8700
  • Watson Lake Hospital 867-536-4444
  • Family doctor/Health Care provider/Walk-in Clinic
  • Wellness Worker/Counsellor at your First Nation
  • School Counsellor
  • Community Social Worker
  • Integrated Supports for Yukon Youth (ISYY)

If you or a friend need immediate assistance, you can call 911.

Here are some other great websites and links about Mental Health

Kids Help Phone
– A Canada-wide, toll-free, phone (1-800-668-6868) -  A Canada-wide, toll-free, phone, Live Chat, and online resources children and youth. Available 24/7. The Kids Help Phone also has a cool website with lots of information about issues you or your friends might be facing.