Your Body

When your body changes from a child's body to a young adult's body your sexual organs fully develop. These changes are caused by an increase in hormones in your body. This time in your life is called "puberty".

Puberty is also a time of emotional as well as physical change. It can feel great, confusing, worrying, and exciting all at the same time. You can feel awesome one moment and sad or angry the next.

The most important fact about puberty is that everyone is different. Everybody grows in their own way and at their own speed. Even though sometimes we look at other people"s bodies to compare them to our own, we should not be pressured to believe there is only one good way to look.

The changes in our bodies that involve our sexual development and our sexual health are sometimes a surprise to us. But, many of us feel too embarrassed to ask questions. The result is that we often have uncertainties and unnecessary fears about what is happening. This part of the web site is here to help you learn about the sexual parts of your body and how they work.

Our course we are more than just our sexual bodies. There is lots of additional information on the Internet about our bodies, how they grow and how they work. For general information, start by checking out